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As we all know, the NHS is in crisis. The Furry Monkey feels strongly about the lack of common sense used in the NHS as you have probably seen in my diary, amongst other pages.

FM is now taking a stand and making the views known of patients everywhere. Also watch out for our new "Quackery" page. What NOT to do when you have that cancer diagnosis, who to avoid and why, what harm can it do? Well Dr X will tell out for that soon!

A couple of items that have come to my attention are as follows - if you want to join in with your comments then email me...


macmillan better deal campaign

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, probably the last thing on your mind will be the state of your finances. But having cancer can be expensive in ways you wouldn't believe. At Macmillan, they want to campaign for a better financial deal for people with cancer. They also want to make it easier to get travel insurance. 

Click here to find out more!!! (External site)

Regularly the national charities work on special campaigns to help improve the 'lot' for cancer patients, be it Awards for people helping others, providing support, it all helps each and every one of us affected by this awful disease.

If you are, or have been, a cancer patient then this section is for you!


Travel insurance

As you all know I was quoted £13,654.00 for two weeks in the US. Horrendous and definitely way above what a 'normal' person is quoted. Cancer or no cancer, that price just should NOT be quoted.

Macmillan launched their latest "Better Deal" campaign to make it easier for people affected by cancer to get travel insurance.

You can join the campaign by taking part in a research trial being conducted by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Call Direct Line Insurance (an RBS product) on 0845 2461643 to ask for a travel insurance quote. The number is set up specially for the trial so even if you don't need travel insurance you can still 'mystery shop' and there is no commitment to buy the insurance offered.

Trial runs until 22 July so call NOW!

You can also join the campaign online by clicking here Travel Insurance Survey.

Thanks for your help and support and come back soon to see what else you can campaign about to improve the cancer journey for everyone.


The more we help the quicker they will find a cure....please help if you can....!

Anyone, anywhere with access to a personal computer, could help find a cure for cancer by giving 'screensaver time' from their computers to the world's largest ever computational project, which will screen 3.5 billion molecules for cancer-fighting potential.

The project is being carried out by Oxford University's Centre for Computational Drug Discovery - a unique 'virtual centre' funded by the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR), which is based in the Department of Chemistry and linked with international research groups via the worldwide web - in collaboration with United Devices, a US-based distributed computing technology company, and Intel, who are sponsoring the project.

over 3.4 million computers have joined the project with over 447,000 years of CPU power used.


Why ministers must listen to NHS staff

(click to download article in .pdf format)

The government seems to believe the health service is a fundamentally flawed institution that can only be rescued by the private sector - click here to read the article by Brendan Barber.


Constant reorganisation and the helter skelter race to privatisation have contributed to why many NHS trusts are considered ‘weak’.

Amicus Health pinpoints the strategic decisions to push ahead with ‘market reforms’, allied to expensive organisational changes, as being key as to why The Healthcare Commission has said that nearly half the trusts in England are ‘weak’ in terms of quality of patient care and financial performance.

Amicus Head of Health, Kevin Coyne said: ‘It is clear that the helter-skelter rush to privatisation and the constant structural changes in the NHS over the last few years have taken their toll.’

‘Our members are working very hard in a climate of job cuts and a reduction of services to patients and clients, but their efforts are being undermined by strategic decisions taken at the highest level.’

‘It is estimated that up to 15 per cent of the NHS budget is being spent on the internal market – just ‘chasing patients’ – this is a crazy way to run a health service.’

Kevin Coyne said it was ‘very significant’ that East Elmbridge and Mid Surrey PCT was ‘weak’ on both quality and finance.

‘This is the trust that was falling over itself to hive off staff and services to a new ‘social enterprise’ company – Central Surrey Health. The fact that the commission has detected failings in both areas of this PCT’s activity shows up the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the ‘social enterprise’ adventure funded by the taxpayer.’

Amicus/CPHVA Professional Officer for School Health and Public Health, Ros Godson said: ‘The commission points out that poorer performance is in areas that really matter to patients. Some trusts report that they have not even maintained compulsory elements of staff training on health and safety, child protection, and nursing issues, such as emergency first aid.’

‘Training budgets have been raided in the latest drive to curb expenditure, but this is a false economy, if staff are not properly trained to use expensive equipment or do not act appropriately when they have concerns about an injured child.’

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