The Furry Monkey

handcrafted cards made by me!

I've always been into handmade crafts, being taught to crochet and knit at very early age by my Nan and Mum. This lead to cross stitch and tapestry, as well as decoupage, toy making, embroidery, card making, embroidery cards, parchment crafts, ceramics, painting, sewing and numerous other things I've forgotten with time (and treatment!).

Now I'd like to introduce you to some of the handmade cards I've created, if you'd like to purchase any card, or would like one specially made to your specifications, then please let me know.


More cards will be added when time allows - hospitals take up my social diary!!!


Card 001
WOW Card
Christmas Version
Card 002
Easel Card
Made for John's Birthday
Card 003
Card made for Dr X
Card 004
Easel Card for 80th Birthday
Card 005
Thank Ewe Card
Card 006
80th Word Book Card
Card 007
Exploding Wedding Box
Card 008
Side Step Wedding Card
Card 009
Racing Card for John
Card 010
Girlie Best Wishes!

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Post and packing will be charged at cost