The Furry Monkey

05 AUGUST 2013
gp surgery and diabetic review

I saw my GP and he said my creatinine is still high and I need more blood tests. Lovely! We discussed a few other things, and I said I was seeing the Nurse after his appointment for my Diabetic Review.

At least it's in the same surgery which is helpful for me! This time she had a Trainee with her. She smiled and we always have a giggle in this appointment.

She told me I was going to have a flu jab when the come in, not asked, but told me. Mind you I agree. With everything I have I need all the help I can get to fight things off!

She said she won't change any medications until after I've seen the Kidney man. I mentioned I was going to ask to see a Dietician again to see if anything I'm eating is making my kidneys struggle.


07 august 2013
gp surgery for blood test

You must all be feeling fed up with reading I'm having yet ANOTHER blood test!!! I know I get fed up with them sometimes but it's a necessary evil. Unless of course, someone can invent a little tap I can have on my side for them to take blood when they need it. Now why can't someone on Dragons Den come up with that invention.

I'm sure I won't be the only person happy to have it! SO if you're an inventor, get inventing and come up with one for us please! LOL!!


09 august 2013
catch up with my lovely friend lisa!

Lisa and I worked together for many years in our old company many moons ago now. We meet up every now and then for a catch up! This time we went back to our old company - it's now been taken over by another organisation who run weddings and training events there. It's a huge old mansion house and estate with a lonnnnggggg history.

It was so strange going back. All the memories that came flooding back were amazing. I worked in may areas of the buildings. The West Wing, The Chapel, the Courtyard, all very old and lovely.

It's certainly changed now and has had a major makeover. We asked if we could have a look around and was told no problem, there was a wedding happening later on but we could go and have a look anywhere, as long as no customers were in there. So off we went.

I remembered walking to the Chapel every day and going through the cloister like corridor. It took me back I can tell you, so many memories. I spent 14 years of my life in that company. A long time.....

Here's some images of what it is like now.....

Where I used to work

The Old Chapel Stained Glass Window

Where I used to work 2

The original Manor House and West Wing

The Glamourous Staircase to one of the offices I worked in!

Where I used to work 4

The full glory of the Old Chapel (This used to have two/three levels of offices in - amazing what was under those false ceilings huh!

What a place to work in huh! Obviously it was a Training Centre when I worked there. It was still an amazing old building though and now the transformations of it by the latest inhabitants are amazing. They spent a fortune getting the painted ceiling back to how it should be after years of having a false ceiling on it. It's a sight to behold IRL I tell you.

Just standing there bought back so many memories. Good and bad, but more good! Isn't it just gorgeous!


17 AUGUST 2013
happy birthday mum!

It's Mum's birthday today and we had a celebration meal yesterday for it. John gets a rest from hospital appointment driving at the weekend. I cooked a dinner on the Sunday as well.

I maed some cards (as you know I'm a crafter!) and they can be seen on my Cardmaking blog if you'd like to check them out!


19 august 2013
dietician appointment

As you all know, I've been asking about seeing a Dietician (the first time in my life I've asked to see one, rather than them tell me I would be seeing one!) LOL!!

I need to find out if I'm eating things which are making it worse for my kidneys to function or the DVT's etc. It would be good to lose weight too, but I don't hold out any hope on that after seeing the Endocrinologist at my London Hospital many moons ago. (If only they would listen huh!).

Anyway it was a new hospital for me, although I think it is the one my Uncle George was in when he had his strokes. It's a lovely place and most people seem helpful and polite.

I was called in to the Dieticians office and sat down. I said what I had come for so that we were both on the same page as they say. However I had a shock when I mentioned the things I can't eat because of the DVT's I 've had and she didn't know about those! It was only three or four items and she didn't know. Now I would've thought a Dietician would know that sort of thing wouldn't you??? Obviously not.

Then I got the usual chat of keeping a food diary (been there done that!) and shown a chart of what is good, what is bad etc (been there done that!) and another copy of the Healthy Diet booklet (been there done that!).

So I left the appointment not knowing what I really wanted to know. Oh well, at least I got an appointment after waiting nearly a year after asking every time.


26 august 2013
bad pains all over again.....why?....

Not sure, but every now and then I get the 'feeling really ill more than usual and don't know why or how to stop it". I have bad back ache and also my legs ache more than normal.

Tennis Elbow is still bad, I've found a useful item from the Internet which had good reviews. I put it on my "Wishlist" and then not long after had an email saying it had been reduced to half price. So of course I had to get it didn't I and I'm really glad I did. It makes Tennis Elbow a lot easier to bear. I sure notice the difference when I don't have it on I can tell you.

I would recommend it to anyone with Tennis Elbow!!!