The Furry Monkey

11 December 2013
my special birthday and more hospitals!!!

Well today is my very special big birthday! What a number to reach! I never thought I'd see this birthday with all my health issues since I was diagnosed with cancer way back when but here I am, still here.

Talking of hospitals, I've just spent nine days in the Renal Unit (60 mile round trip away from home). So I had no visitors apart from medical people but it was OK, we had lots of laughs in there and I learnt a lot more about kidney failure.

My kidneys have taken a huge dive since July. They've gone from 24 which was fine (well not fine really but OK) down to 8. This is NOT good. I've now had the Pre-Dialysis chat and need to decide what option I want to go for. Some are out straight away, for example I won't be allowed to have a transplant because of the cancer history.

So I'm probably going to start the D word in January (I hope it's not sooner, please not sooner!). For some reason I don't like the sound of it at all. It's the idea of being plugged into this machine every other day for the rest of my life probably. It restricts you on so much.

However it's now at the stage where I have no choice. In fact they said most people have started dialysis by the time it gets to 8 so I'm doing well.

In fact, I don't feel ill. That's the strange part. I have my usual chronic pain in the legs and the Diabetes and the DVT's and Lymphoedema, but in myself I feel OK to be honest. It's a real strange one, no symptoms (apart from the odd itching which I thought was the Pomphylox).

That's me, never do anything the normal route! LOL!!!

I won't be updating this so much for a while as John is also a priority. He is doing well after his stroke and is now out of hospital (we're going to get revolving doors as he came home and a few days later I went in!). He's having rehab/physio at home and is doing very well. They are pleased with his progress. It is slower because of the Rheumatoid/Osteoarthritis.

So we're both doing OK and I'll update it as and when I can for now. If I don't do it before Christmas.....