The Furry Monkey

14 december 2014
so sorry i've not been online and updating!

I've had several emails asking if I'm still alive, and YES I'm still alive and fighting!! It's taking more out of me than I thought this dialysis lark.

Also as I have so little spare time now it's all spent going to other hospital appointments and also catching up with life! I'm sure you all know what that's like without dialysis!!

Anyway, I've been getting used to dialysis, the first two years are the worst apparently so I've got a looooong way to go yet!

Seriously I've been having lots of ups and downs, but at least now my fistula is being used. Some of the nurses struggle with the venous line but it's getting there!!!

I've been making some good friends there already and we text each other jokes and encouraging items which just brighten up our days whether we are on dialysis or not!!!

My neck lines are now out, although I still think there might be one or possibly two stitches still there.

My time at dialysis (four and a half hours on the machine!) are being filled with different things. TV catch ups, some music, some reading, some texts and jokes. Thanks to everyone who is keeping me amused whilst there it helps to pass the time.

Anyway this is just a short message to let you all know I'm still alive and smiling! Even if sometimes it's a bit forced when those needles go in!

I had a brilliant Birthday this year, thanks to everyone for sending me good wishes, texts, WhatsApp, emails and cards and presents. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my Birthday Week continues tomorrow with a surprise present in the post coming and a special trip out with my very best friend Carol!!!!

Take care everyone and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I will try to update you all more often.

PS. BIG THANKS to John and Brenda for calling me from Australia to see if I was OK. It was a fantastic surprise a nd I really appreciate it!


Christmas Greetings

Have a brilliant time and
I'll see you all in 2015!!!



30 december 2014
dialysis argghhh!

Yes, it's one of those ones you quickly want to forget. I had pain from about 10 minutes into dialysis.

They tried moving the needles, they tried adjusting the flow, but nothing helped. I just wanted someone to stop it.

I think this is the first time I came very close to crying on dialysis. :-(((

I just wanted someone to take the needles out and let me have a nice hot coffee, but I knew it wasn't going to happen.