The Furry Monkey

03 february 2014
happy birthday monty!

Hope you have a great birthday and enjoy lots of surprises too!! We'll have to catch up with a dinner out when my dialysis calms down a bit! Looking forward to catching up with you all again!!


04 february 2014
arm redressed and dialysis 9

It was time to look at the operated arm and it's not nice believe me. All bruised and very swollen. I'm not keen on touching it, so luckily for me the Nurses needed to redress it so did it all.

After the swelling goes down, you need to feel if it is "buzzing". It feels like an electric current going through your arm in two places. This is where the dialysis needles are put when the neck line is no longer used.

When I cross my arms or lean on them I can feel it throbbing. Very odd sensation I can tell you!


06 february 2014
neck dressed today

Now it's the time of the Neck Line to be dressed too. They also took the stitches out as well. I was feeling a bit anxious about it, but it was nothing when they did it to be honest. I think my mind works overtime with it when it has no need to. I never used to do this, but my mind tricks me sometimes when it doesn't need to!


13 february 2014
we're on the news...!

Yes, we are in one of the areas that are flooded. We watched the water come up the bottom of the Close. It was about six inches high when we first looked, then about an hour later, it was thigh high!!!! Quite scary.

Egham Floods 1

We went through this water in the ambulance to get to dialysis. The engine sounded like it was going to cut out, and it was only after we'd got there that the driver came up to me and admitted he'd nearly lost it in the water! We were the talk of the transport department for a while and when the Army Soldiers came, one of the girl's took a photo of them and showed it to everyone!!!

Egham Floods 2

This is a Main Road through to Old Windsor and where the brick building is on the left hand side, is usually a field, a dry field!!! On the right is a very posh hotel which has now been flooded out twice in as many weeks.

Egham Floods 3

The water is getting deeper as you can see! Even the swans are swimming in it!!

Our neighbours were brilliant and looked after us. They made sure we got some sandbags and had enough food and milk etc in. They took our wheelie bin up to the local school and filled it with sandbags. Good job one of them is retired as she was so worn out with everything. She also looked after the neighbours on the other side of her house too.

We seemed to get no help at all for ages, then it seemed as though a switch was turned on and everything changed. We had the Army Soldiers delivering sandbags, the Red Cross delivering water and telling us we can have help with medication if needed, they also said they could get me out for dialysis if I get stuck, and the Police came round to check every day to make sure we were fine, also phoning us as well.

John was waiting for the emergency Landrover to take me to dialysis. When one turned up I was worried about how I was going to get in there, all he wanted was to film it for "You've Been Framed" ... nice brother huh! He also said a chinook could come with the orange suit and I'd be the one in it dangling in the sky!!!! Argghhh!!! Not so sure about that one!

We had problems getting to and from dialysis with the floods and closed roads. We tried every road one night to get home and there was only one left to try. What happens if that is blocked? Well he said he'd have to take me back to the hospital, so as you can imagine I didn't want that.

When we went down it and found half way it was blocked by the Army and Police, you could imagine how I felt. However the driver said he was taking a dialysis lady home and they let us through as long as we went slow and as it was an ambulance it was higher up.

The transport people rang every time and said "Can we still get to you Karen?" and there was only one road in/out to our Road in our town. Not good huh!!! The people at the bottom of the road had to move out and our neighbour on the other side left as well.

Although the water came up to our house and was in the front/back gardens, it stayed outside of the house whch was good news for us. We couldn't do anything if it did come in apart from get upstairs and try to get John up there too. We'd just have to take our chances.

It was surreal when you did go out, seeing people making sandbags everywhere, in the school, in the supermarket car park. The shops were almost empty, of both people and stock in several areas. Very surreal.

Egham Floods 04

This is another view of what used to be a field in the local area. Everywhere you look there is water.

Egham Floods 05

I know this lookds like a road, but it's actually part of the River Thames. It came right across the road and into the field over the road. It blocked the main road to Old Windsor for two weeks.

Still it's odd that it's happened around here after so long since the last floods. Just shows it can happen anywhere.

Hats off to the Transport Team at St Helier, they came and got me and took me home again every time for dialysis. You can always rely on a good team!

However saying that, because of the floods we didn't arrive on time today and I missed both my ultrasound scan and the Nurses Meeting. It will be rearranged though so not a major problem.


18 february 2014
still no news on epo!

There has been no response from Dr C regarding the EPO. I'm concerned about having it as it can cause cancer tumours to start growing and as mine are stable, I don't want to introduce any risk factors in there.

I've been phoning her secretary almost every day and he promises that a Registrar or someone else will call and no one else does. I've emailed too and no response either. As a mere patient I don't have much clout I suppose.

When I'm next at dialysis I will mention it as I'll be seeing a Doctor soon.

I won't report on every dialysis session as they are all pretty similar so I won't bore you with them endlessly OK!!!