The Furry Monkey

04 july 2014
my ct scan in london

What a nightmare it was getting to London for a 5.30 appointment in the CT scanner!!! No matter what way we went it was just traffic, traffic, traffic!!!

Poor John, he was suffering and so was I. I didn't want to be late but knew it's not his fault.

It was also boiling hot, at least in the scanner it is nice and cool. Also I don't mind the CT/MRI scanners unlike some others so I could just lie there.

First of all they couldn't get a line in for the contrast and cannular. After it just stopping and him being amazed, he tried again and got a vein. He said to mention to them about dialysis and that I MUST GO for it, or else the contrast would stay in my body and cause problems. He kept highlighting that I needed dialysis after this scan. I was due to go the next day so no problems there. If transport didn't arrive, then I would have to get John up to take me. He's not a morning person as you know, but I would have to get there somehow.

The only problem was when I tried to get up, my arms are playing up and he heard it crack as I tried to move it!!! Well, at least it's done now.

Dialysis tomorrow and I have to mention the scan to them as well. It's all hospitals at the moment, even on my days off from dialysis, I'm in another hospital for one reason or another.

Never mind, it's all good fun as long as you don't weaken!!!


08 july 2014
monthly blood tests!

When I went in for dialysis today I noticed there were loads of bottles on my table. I wasn't sure why there were so many, then my Nurses said "Monthly Blood Tests today Karen" and then I twigged what they were all for.

Also it's EPO injection today as well. It doesn't hurt much in your stomach but obviously it would be better without them!!! Fingers crossed it will help my results though.