The Furry Monkey

01 june 2014
invited to dinner at Auntie rita's.....

As long as I'm OK we've been invited to dinner. The first one was cancelled I think, but this time I'm OK and we're off!!!

One of the Nurses from dialysis was going to bring a recipe for me to try, but it wasn't in time so I had to resort to buying one. I really wasn't in a fit state to make one this time. However my Aunt understood and said I didn't have to but I had!

It was a lovely meal she'd cooked, excellent tasy and really enjoyed it! I've been off my food lately and not eating much but this was super scrummy!

10/10 !!!


02 june 2014
uch cancer appointment

I had to move this appointment due to dialysis clashing with it. It was either August or this one. So I took this one.

The Consultant was a new one, she was confused as to why I was in that clinic, she was assuming she would see me at the end of the month so I explained the situation and she was fine.

My old Consultant will be retiring soon, so I've been transferred to her clinic. She seems very nice and took down all the problems I've been having and then checked me over as usual.

I said I had a lump on my leg but get them sometimes, assuming it's more radiotherapy damage. She said it was quite badly damaged. It took me years to actually get my other Consultant to admit it was damaged so that's a positive point already!

On examining me further she said she thinks she can feel a lump on my lymph node and wants me to have some scans (MRI, CT or PET). She did decide on a PET scan but when I got the letter it was to be a series of CT and MRI scans.

Keep your fingers crossed on this one for me everyone. I'm not sure how my body would cope with it as well as dialysis.


07 june 2014
oh dear my new smartphone....

Poor little thing got drowned in some water at dialysis today!!!! John said not to use it and try something he'd seen on the internet. I had to be without it for 24 hours but it worked! Phew!


11 june 2014
no breakfast, transport turned up early!

6.30am it arrived this morning! Oh whoops. Good job I was up and ready but no breakfast for me. Wonder what it will do to my sugar levels. They are always measured on dialysis.

After no breakfast, they weren't much lower than normal so no worries there then. I'd taken some apricots with me to munch on so I at least had something.


12 june 2014
in memory of lyn, my best friend

I can hardly believe that it is five years since Lyn died. It seems so long but so short at the same time. I sent a card to her Mum and Dad and he Aunt to, just to let them know that she is always in my memory and I'll never forget her.

Cancer is a dreadful illness that takes way too many people way too soon. One day they will find a cure, let's all help make it to help everyone.


28 june 2014
at long last...!!! yay!!!!

Well I've finally got the letter from my new Consultant saying I can go on EPO as the risks of tumour growths from that are less than the risks for no EPO and anaemia etc.

It means two injecitons a week but it should make things easier. Phew.

It's only taken six months to get a reply!!! Not from the new Consultant, but from my old one who never replied, despite letters from the Kidney Consultant and the Consultant at dialysis centre, and me ringing her secretary and emailing her too.

At least the new one has done what she said she will. I'm just waiting for my scans and then to see what is happening in there inside my body. Please keep your fingers crossed for me on this, I need all the help I can get with it!


Photo Arm Again 3

Oh yes, another bruise from dialysis again!!! Oh well.....