The Furry Monkey

06 march 2014
happy birthday john!!

Yes, it's my brother John's birthday today! He's done really well since his stroke in November (very scary watching that I can tell you!!!).

His Rheumatoid Arthritis is holding him back, but his memory isn't all that so he forgets things. I know my memory isn't all that brilliant but I can remember more than him sometimes :-)))


13 march 2014
ultrasound tests

I had to do some moving around as now I've moved to the new Dialysis Centre, it means my appointments are all at the wrong time at the hospital!!! So I've had to arrange to see if there is a free slot there after my appointment and then rearrange the transport just for one day to go to Carshalton rather than Byfleet.

It was weird going back there. I knew I'd have a wait after the scan of an hour, but it was finished early and I had to wait over two hours instead. Very boring as there is nothing but a blank waiting room to sit it. No cafe near either just a drinks machine in the cold outside.

Anyway it was good to see some of the old faces and they all wanted to know what I was doing back there.

When I was told a machine was free, I went it an saw the Nurses again. It's lovely to catch up!!! I was asked how I felt on dialysis in the new place, and had to admit that I've been feeling rough.

They said I shouldn't be all the time. You might get the odd day here and there but not all the time. I'm getting 9 days out of 10 feeling rough. They put me on at 2000 units and 4 hours compared to 1500 and 4.5 hours. I'll see how it goes and how I feel over the next couple of days and then check with where I am if it's different.

As usual I came off the machine and had cramp in both ankles, that's normal for me so I've found out. Better to be after I'm off the machine than when plugged in and cannot move to help it. At least by walking to the Ladies it eases off a bit.

I had some presents of big tins of chocolates for the Nurses and the Transport Drivers too along with my handmade cards. I like to show I appreciate what they have done.

Well without them, I wouldn't be alive would I...quite a sobering thought!!!!


14 march 2014
my day off and where am i....?!?!?!?

Yes, I'm at the Dentist! My only day free from dialysis and I'm back in a Dentist chair! Good job I don't mind now.

I used to hate the Dentist, but have found a great one who really looks after me and puts me at ease. I feel totally relaxed in the dentist chair now.

Shame they can't measure my Blood Pressure here instead! My BP has gone really low, really really really low for me! They kept asking me if I was feeling OK and did I feel odd at all. Nope, not me, felt the same as normal.

Mind you it's quite worrying it is that low!!! I'm going to keep a log of the results for a while so that my Doctor can see at the end of the month. They've already reduced some of the drugs so that's a good thing. It can only help can't it.

Hopefully this is now more up to date I'll be able to keep it going now. As I said I won't bore you each time, but it will be regularly updated again.

Thanks for staying with me throught this...!!! :-)))


22 march 2014
Ouch!!! I need an ice pack!

They used my Fistula today and boy does it hurt!!! My arm is all swollen and I've got a huge bruise on it. I've been told to keep an ice pack on for twenty four hours. That's annoying in bed!!!!

Well it's annoying all the time but it's got to be done.

Photo Arm April 2014

Not the best looking arm, but it's the best looking one I've had for a while. It's been so badly bruised they can't use it at dialysis, so it's a good job I've still got the neck lines in and they work.