The Furry Monkey

02 may 2014
forgot to mention my outing!

How can I forget this?!??! My friend picked me up and took me to the movies! We saw Pompeii and it was brilliant. Lots of men all buffed and wearing not very much!!! Lots of eye candy in this movie and well worth watching!


14 may 2014
i think this is the right day!!!

Before John had his stroke he used to like photography but hasn't done any at all since. The Stroke Club contacted him to ask if he'd like to go on a Photography Course they are thinking of running if there are enough takers.

He put his name down and mine also as his carer. It's only for about 2/3 hours as they know the attention span is reduced after a stroke. I think after any serious illness it is reduced. I know mine has, and my memory too.

So we went off to the Course. Most people had digi cameras and me too. John had his camera and the tutor said he'd probably know more than her if that's the camera he uses!!!

Oh, and guess who managed to delete all their photos?! Yes, me. Well in my defence I hadn't used it for two years as I tend to snap things on my phone now. Oh well.

John said he knows some software that can get it back....and once home I tried it the next day and it worked fine. They are all back in my PC now! Phew. Everyone laughed but then said they've done it before too so I'm not on my own. I just pushed the wrong button too quickly!


15 may 2014
john stroke appointment

Again I went in with John this time. His Consultant was very nice and explained things clearly for us. He even showed us a scan of John's brain showing us his stroke! Amazing to see it in his brain, and know that for certain he has a brain.

His Consutlant laughed at that and said I have the right attitude to illness. I said with all I've had and got I have to!

So John has been discharged from the Stroke Department now, and hopefully that will be it. He said that they still didn't know what caused it. Sometimes they just don't find out. The only thing he could say was that maybe the Rheumatoid Arthritis had a hand in it.

Something we will never know.


16 may 2014
uch london, lymphoedema department

Back at UCH again. Lymphoedema this time.

My legs have changed shape again, and the good leg is now bigger than the bad leg. I still have the odd shaped leg after the radiotherapy damage. It will never change now.

I was measured for new stockings as usual and she said she'd try to find if there is a nearer place for me to go now that I am on dialysis. She also said my lymphoedema will probably get worse on dialysis. Oh well, something else to look forward to!!! LOL!!!


24 may 2014
another bruise!!!

It seems this is the normal procedure now. They use a line on my fistula, and this is what happens!!! Nasty huh!

Photo Arm Again

Once it is bruised they can't use it for two/three weeks whilst it heals. It's so painful when it's bruised, especially if the vein blows. Mine did this time and it really stings and is painful when it's happening. Made me go all hot and clammy too.

Another guy had it happen to him and he was screaming with the pain. I must have a very high pain threshold if I think it's just stinging and painful.

Tough old bird huh!!! LOL!!!


29 may 2014
bruised again....

Another bruise and this time right around my whole arm and almost to the shoulder. Phew it's taking some getting used to this pain. The vein blew again and once more it's the neck lines to the rescue.

One Consultant said she wanted the lines out and I said no, not until the arm lines are working properly. If the arm vein blows, and I have no neck lines I don't know what would happen. I'm not ready for my wooden box just yet!

Photo Arm Again 2