The Furry Monkey

01 november 2013
sad news, our domi has gone to rainbow bridge

Our little old lady, Domi, aged 21 years and 2 weeks has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

She was having trouble walking and I picked her up and carried her and put her on her blanket next to her food bowl so she didn't have to walk so far to eat. I noticed her usually strong heartbeat was a bit weaker and said "I think we'll take you to the Vet tomorrow to check you over little Dom" and said Goodnight as we always do and went to bed.

When I went down in the morning it wasn't right, Mum said she had died in her sleep and was curled up in the lounge by her little igloo bed. She just looked asleep and of course all I did was cry. I'm crying now for her, we miss her so much. She was a huge part of our lives and yes, she was spoilt, but that is what kitties are for.

We took her to the vet and have arranged her cremation and will be collecting her Tuesday next week. I could hardly talk but they were so understanding. It's so strange without her here, expecting her to meow and walk into the room when we come home from the Hospital/Doctors. This house is so sad at the moment.

RIP Domi, Bertie is waiting for you and us too....! Miss you forever!!!


06 november 2013
more bad news....

Just a quick update between hospital visits and appointments.

Today my little baby brother, John, had a stroke. I heard a noise downstairs (he sleeps downstairs as he finds stairs a major struggle) and wondered if he'd dropped something or if he had fallen over as he's back on two crutches and using his wrist splints again due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis problems getting a lot worse.

After hearing nothing and calling again, I heard Mum get up so went down as she'd never lift him on her own if he had fallen. When I got into the room he was on his side half on the sofa and half on the floor and he was trying to say he was having a stroke. He knew what was happening to him.

I called 999 immediately and two crews arrived after a while. One had to come from Farnborough as no others were nearer. They were excellent though and the 999 Centre called us to make us aware of the delay and kept on the line talking me through some things to do.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance and straight to Resus A&E.

How much more can we take with illness in this family?!?!?


07 november 2013

We left the hospital at 4.30am this morning after John had a series of tests and scans.

His left side was still 'dead' and he couldn't move it at all. He had a good Doctor looking after him and the team was excellent too. He had a remote check with another Doctor via computer and he said he had all the criteria needed to enable thromobolising to go ahead.

He was given a new thrombolising treatment and within 10-15 minutes his face was looking better and he could speak better too. Still his left side was paralysed though and he couldnt' do anything on that side. He was having spasms every 10-15 minutes which looked extremely painful but there was nothing we could do but touch him and tell him all would be OK. It's all you can hope for with a stroke.

So for now I won't be updating this site so regularly for a while. I'll keep you updated on his progress and I still have to attend my hospital appointments for my DVT and also my kidney failure (which seems to be more painful and getting worse) and the other side effects I have too.

As long as things improve for him, that is all we ask for. It's going to be harder for him as he has the Rheumatoid Arthritis as well to cope with but he is a strong guy and will do what needs to be done.

Mind you he's going to have a shock when they get him up at 6am in the morning, he's not a morning person at all...!!!!

Always end on a positive note, that's me!!! Silver lining in every cloud!