The Furry Monkey

02 september 2013
Blood Test at GP Surgery

Yes, another blood test, my poor veins are really suffering at the moment. I've also got one to have tomorrow at the hospital.

However to try and help John out (he's really suffering at the moment, more of that later!). I'm trying to combine as much as I can so he has no additional pains when he doesn't need them.

I asked her if she could take some extra blood and put it in the bag with the one for the hospital and she said "Yes, why have more when you can do without them" so I was really pleased about that. Phew. Saves my poor veins and also John having more pain too.

So what is happening with John? Well as you all know he has Rheumatoid Arthritis. He takes 31 tablets a day and also has an injection of a drug as well.

After 18 months or so, they know this drug stops working and John has been on it for longer than that and his results show it has stopped working for him now. They have given him another drug but it has not been working. You have to try it for 8 - 10 weeks. He has had extra pain and can't do much for these 8 weeks and on his visit to the hospital for a blood test decided to see the Lady who looks after the Research and Trials.

She couldn't see him then but agreed to call him, which she did. Long story cut short now, he is going on another drug, but they have to let this one out of his system, so no extra painkillers but having nothing doens't help at all. He can't even open a can of drink or much else really.

I've been shaving him (I even get a tip now and then!) although for some strange reason he won't let me use a blade razor or a cut throat...can you think why not? No me neither! LOL!!

I've got him some angled cutlery as he was finding eating difficult because his elbows don't move and his hands can't move with the wrist straps on. It looks odd, but it works!!! Mind you for the price of a knife, fork and spoon you could buy a full set of cutlery elsewhere!

Why are items that help disabled or mobility impaired people so expensive??!?!?!? Doesn't make sense at all.


06 september 2013
dentist appointment

Just a check up here, nothing major which is good. He said my dental hygiene is good and I look after them well. He's amazed I've done so well after the chemo which can affect your teeth and gums. He said I've got some gum damage, and of course there's the Lichen Planus and the Geographic Tongue, but I've learnt to manage that over time.

Like most things, when you have them, you learn to adjust and do things differently when you have to.

He also said "Thanks for the card - I don't get them saying 'Thanks' either". I like to let people know I appreciate it when they look after me or help me. I was brung up wiv good manners!!! Perhaps that's why I don't like it so much when others don' letting doors go in my face, and not saying Thankyou when I hold the door open for them. It hurts me to hold it, but I still do it as it's only good manners.

Off the soapbox now...sorry about that everyone!!! LOL!!!


12 september 2013
kidney consultant appointment

Yes, it's arrived quickly, my appointment with Dr M (otherwise known as the Kidney Man!). He's a great Doctor and is so popular. They have to triple book you sometimes into his clinic so I appreciate my appointments a lot as you can imagine.

So what has happened to my kidneys then? Not a lot really, unless you count down as something. My blood pressure is good which he's pleased about. My new medication is working well which is good news too.

My kidneys aren't doing too well and I need to have another appointment in six weeks time. Fingers crossed they improve somehow, a miracle would be nice.....keep hoping for me and keep everything crossed.


16 september 2013
dvt clinic.....again

I've another early morning appointment for the blood test. It's harder to find a vein that still works now but they have to keep trying.

Whilst at the Chemist getting my latest shipping order of medications he asked about "Lifestyle etc" and I said "Well I have a healthy diet, eating lots of fruit and veg, low fat and low sugar everything". "What did the Clinic tell you about fruit and veg?".

"Not a lot" I replied "Just no more than three green vegetables a week, no cranberries and watch out for garlic".

"Is that all????" he said looking surprised, then sighed. "Yes, nothing else". "Well let me just get something to show you" and he went out the back and came back with two folders. He said for your Diabetes this huge section is what you can't have, and the small section is what you can.

For you DVT, here's a list of fruit and vegetables which all contain high or low amounts of Vitamin K and will affect your blood results. Which ones do you eat?".

I said yes to more or less most of the fruit and vegetables on the list. I've been told that if my blood is not controlled I will die and he's not wrong. I didn't know about all of these and asked if I could have a copy of it which he gave to me. I've since mentioned it to others in the clinic and have copied it to give more information to patients.

Now why are we NOT told about this in the clinic? Even if they don't have the time to read it all and discuss it, they should at least give us a copy of the information. It's freely available, but if you don't know about it, you won't know to go looking will you?!?!?!?!? Argghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are we as patients, not told about things that could help to quicken our deaths?!?!?!?!?!!? It makes me so angry when we're not told what we need to know.

I know that if I'm told NOT to do something then I don't do it. I know I do have the occasional cake or sweet but not every day and certainly not loads of them. I don't want to make things worse and there are many others out there the same who want to help themselves, not hasten their death.

I've fought this disease and all the other problems it's thrown at me, and I don't want to die just because I've eaten some healthy fruit and veg which could kill me because I didn't know about it....!!!

As I said, "AAAAARRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


21 september 2013
happy birthday ambreen!

Just to say a "Happy Birthday" to my friend Ambreen, hope you had a good one and many more to come!


22 september 2013
it's all going wrong....

You know things are supposed to go wrong in threes with electrical equipment. Not in our house!

We've had the following items all break at once:

We've now got John a new TV and a DVD, my Monitor is on it's way, but my printer will have to wait for now. Typical huh! All at once.


23 september 2013
podiatry appointment

This is a new one to me. I was told by my GP that I could self refer as I have Lymphoedema and Diabetes. So I got a form and filled it in and sent it off ages ago.

I then had a letter, quite a brusque one. It stated they are not a nail cutting service (which I realised of course). As I've had problems with this Pomphylox thing and with Diabetes added in to the mix I wanted someone to keep a check on my feet. I know there are many many amputations with Diabetic patients and I don't want to be one of them.

It said "We will make a decision as to whether we consider you to need our services" and continued in that vein so I wasn't holding out much hope to be honest.

However after trying to find a space and having to get out quick I made my way into a new Clinic for me. Strange not to know where I was going and what I was doing!!!! I've been an 'old hand' for such a long time now it's weird to be a "Newbie" again.

After waiting I was called through and the lady went through my medication list. A few she hadn't heard of and I had to explain what they were for. I also had to explain what a few foot problems were too.

I was sitting on the couch waiting and she came and had a look and I was fully expecting her to say they wouldn't cover me when she said "You've got so many things wrong we'd dare not to let you go in case something happens". I suppose in a way it's nice to know they are going to keep an eye on me.

However on the other hand, it made me feel really decrepit and old!!! Oh dear.


29 september 2013
happy birthday auntie rita!

Just to wish you a really Happy Happy Birthday and many more to come!!! Enjoy being spoilt!!!


30 september 2013
blood test at gp surgery

We wondered why the car park was full when we arrived, it's not normally this bad.

Then we realised, it was "Flu Jab Starting Day" so we joined the queue. I had to ask if John could have a seat or come in last and they said yes which was good. I got in the queue and gave my details.

We always get looked at as if we shouldn't be there. However as most of them are there purely for age reasons, then I think the amount of problems we have should put us at the front of the queue don't you!!!!!

So we had the jab. My arm felt sore within 10 minutes. No one elses did, which always happens. It's just me that has a reaction.