Author: Furry Monkey

The Features of the Swai Fish

Basa is extremely common species of catfish in the catfishes family Pangasiphilidae. Most of the Basa catfish are found in Central and Southern Thailand, but they have also been introduced into other countries in Asia, like Malaysia and Singapore. They are also commonly known as “basa catfish”bantha catfish” in North America, Australia, and in Asia. […]

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What Is Tempeh Nutritional Value?

Tempeh is a delicious Indonesian soy food, which is made using fermented soy beans. It is usually made through a controlled and natural fermentation process, which binds the soybeans together in a tough, chunky cake form. In the past, tempeh was primarily used in the Asian continent, but nowadays it can be found almost anywhere. […]

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What Is Tilapia?

Tilapia, as its name implies, are small fish that can grow to be as long as twelve inches, and although they do not reach the length of the full-grown catfish or the shark, they are definitely no slouch when it comes to size! Tilapia has been an extremely popular choice for the many varieties of […]

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