Been there, got the t-shirt, etc. Yes this is the page of all the hospitals and clinics I’ve been to in my checkered career as a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient.

Not all of the places have websites or photos yet, but I’m working on the photos bit! Click on the links to find out more about the individual places.

Hospitals and medical centres I’ve been to!
Alliance Medical Imaging Centre, Bulstrode Place, London
BUPA Bushey
Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, Stanmore
Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, Bolsover Street, London
The Clinic, Park Street, London
Open MRI Centre, Harley Street, London
The P.E.T. Centre, Harley Street, London
London MRI Centre, Harley Street, London
The Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London (UCLH)
The Radiotherapy Clinic, Nassau Street, London (UCLH)
Woking Nuffield Hospital, Woking, Surrey
St Peters Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey
The Hospital where I was born…..

The Clinic, Park Street

photo park street

Home of Mr Briggs and his team. It looks more like a posh London Hotel than a Clinic but then again, it is in Grosvenor Square!

Open MRI Centre, Harley Street, London

A lovely place to have an MRI scan, music playing whilst you’re lying in the scanner, very pleasant people all helpful and polite. As it should be!

London MRI Centre, Harley Street, London
photo london mri ctr, harley street

Another MRI centre in Harley Street, not quite so nice as the Open MRI Centre, but the nurse was lovely and was very helpful, specially with the winding stairs down to the MRI scanner room. Not a good idea if you have a mobility problem though! 🙁
Check out the MRI Link for more information.

The P.E.T. Centre, Harley Street, London

No photo available

A gorgeous building, quite modern inside which was a surprise! Extremely helpful and informative staff who put you at your ease straight away. Nice chillout music and aromatherapy before you go into the PET scanner machine.

The Middlesex Hospital, London
photo middlesex hospital

I’ve spent a lot of time in this hospital having various tests, scans and inpatient treatment (both in Kathleen Ferrier Ward [Cancer] and Lord Athlone Ward [General Surgery]. Lots of very caring people all working extremely hard and not getting many thanks for it, so thank you!

The Radiotherapy Clinic, London
photo nassau street, rads clinic

Part of the Middlesex Hospital, but a different entrance! All my Reviews are held here and also I see Dr Farnham and Jan here too. I know it very well now and feel quite at home here, an odd thing to say as I’ve always avoided hospitals whenever I could but it’s so true now.

Woking Nuffield, Surrey
photo woking nuffield hospital

It was here that I had an initial diagnosis of a fracture in my leg. If only huh! I was then referred to Mr Briggs who then found out I had a Large B Cell Primary Bone Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to give it it’s full title. A slight difference here. To think Mr Newman told me it was nothing nasty. The old saying of “Trust me I’m a Doctor” just wasn’t true there was it…… :-(((((
Check out the “Pages” section > hospitals > woking to find the one I went to!

St Peters Hospital, Surrey
photo st peters hospital

Several visits to A&E (with attentive staff unlike another hospital we could mention!). I was also an inpatient here with my gallbladder problems and my operation done by Mr Bearne. A job very well done and I’ll always be thankful for. You all deserve all the stars!

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex

No photo available

We arrived here in the pouring rain and found our way to the right Department. A scary time as I was nervous about the needle biopsy specially as I was awake. A wonderful team put me at my ease and it all went fine. It was the result that was worse! I’ve been here three times now for needle biopsies, so not the best of memories to be honest. Two under local and one general – which was easier to cope with.
Check out the bone tumour page @ Clinical services > Clinical Units > Bone Tumour – very interesting!

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Bolsover Street, London

No photo available

A new hospital to me, very busy! Very old, but quite beautiful around the walls and ceiling area with each room having a month on it and wonderfully painted. I see Mr Briggs and Dr Cassoni here and it’s belt and braces time now.

BUPA Hospital, Bushey
photo bupa bushey

It was in this hospital I had my MRI scan instead of at Stanmore. It’s only a few minutes from Stanmore but costs a whole lot more!

Hampton Court
photo hampton court

It seems only a short while ago when I was here although I can’t remember it very well. It was here (back then it was a hospital) that I was born on a cold December day not so very long ago…..

Alliance Imaging Centre, Bulstrode Place, London
photo alliance imaging

A “state of the art” modern imaging centre just minutes from Mr Briggs and Harley Street. I had both legs MRI’d and x-rayed here (in the same machine unlike other places!). Brand new centre with helpful staff. A delight to be scanned here.

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