Beet Juice Benefits

Beet Juice Benefits

Beet Juice Benefits

Beet juice is often called "potato juice" in the United States. The beet root part of a beet plant is sometimes called beets but generally referred to as the red beet in British English and the purple beets in American English. In other parts of the world it is called beets in their native languages.


Beet juice is rich in Vitamin C, a vital nutrient for healthy skin. Beet juice has high anthocyanin levels, which protect against sunburn and promote healthy skin. Because of its antioxidant properties, beet juice is sometimes used to prevent heart disease and cancer.


Beet juice contains a range of minerals, including iron and manganese. Some research suggests that a variety of fruits, including the red beet, may help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. Beet juice has also been shown to reduce bad bacteria in the digestive system. It may also be helpful for those with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and IBS.


The beets are a source of soluble fiber, as well as insoluble fiber, which are both essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. The beets may contain up to 50 calories per serving, but they are packed with nutrients and will satisfy your cravings for sugar, which can be difficult when you have chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.


Beets are full of vitamins, enzymes and potassium, which are important for good health. They are a great source of carbohydrates, which makes them easy to eat as a side dish for meat or vegetables, or as a filling main course when you have a salad. Beets are naturally high in carotenoid, which is a color pigment found in many plants, including tomatoes, watermelon, spinach and carrots. Carotenoid may help protect the retina, which is why it is commonly added to foods such as carrots and tomatoes.


When beet juice is made into juice drinks, it is a source of Vitamin C. Because of its antioxidant properties, it may even help prevent cancer and promote healing of wounds. Vitamin C also helps to protect the skin from sun damage.


In addition to being an important part of good health, beets can also be used in cooking. Beets can add moisture and tenderize meat, and vegetables, making them more interesting to chew on. A number of recipes call for beet juice, as does pickling or sauteing meats. If you prefer to cook beets raw, they can be steamed in water and added to salads or eaten as an ingredient on sandwiches, or mixed with pasta.


Beets are high in potassium, another mineral that is important for maintaining good health. Potassium also provides the body with the energy it needs to do daily activities. Potassium is also beneficial for keeping blood pressure in check. Beets contain lutein, which helps to prevent cataracts and is beneficial for reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

Beet Juice Benefits

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