Here is my own personal Diary, from the first pains to diagnosis and treatment. I am brutally honest here with my thoughts, but some things are best left unsaid, so don’t panic too much! Some things will remain private not to embarrass anyone!!

It’s all in month order, so click on the right year to find out what’s been happening to me from pre diagnosis to the present day!!!

As you can see, the dates are coming along thick and fast now, I have lost many friends along the way but it is good to know that some of us are still here fighting – you all know who you are and how special you all are….keep fighting guys…nil desperandum illigitimate carborundum…or something like that! =)

Who would’ve thought, way back when, I would still be here writing this blog for you! I sure didn’t, but I’m glad I’m still here, even with the pains and problems!

Thank you for sharing my world……!



I’ve had an email from Cancervive Inc. in the US……they sent it late Friday night and I had a very worrying few days thinking I was going to be sued from here to hell and back. I’ve had a pretty stressful time lately anyway and this was the LAST thing I needed. A few words on an email can scare you, sleepless nights and tense days are not a nice feeling at all. I’ve been told to avoid stress where I can with the blood pressure going up and down like a yoyo and I dread to think what it was like now.

I’d never heard of them before so I checked them out on their website and they claim to be a not for profit organisation “dedicated to providing support, public education and advocacy to those who have experienced this disease. Our mission is to assist survivors to reclaim their lives after cancer”. So supportive that they are threatening a cancer sufferer with legal action if I don’t remove the word ‘Cancervive’ from MY online diary!

I sought advice from various friends and a lawyer. Thankfully discovered that the word Cancervive is not registered in the UK Trade Mark Registry or the Community Trade Mark Registry which register trade marks in the UK, and that I am not doing anything unlawful by using this word (after all it’s just a word and I thought of it in my head after diagnosis). Checked with medical contacts in the US and they had never heard of Cancervive Inc either – so they don’t appear to have a big reputation in the US. Sent strongly worded reply saying I would bring their communications to the attention of the media if they issued me with any more threats. Could do without the aggravation and stress!!!”

I have not even had the courtesy of a reply back – silence. Perhaps they are chasing the other 9,000 people who are using that word somewhere on their website. Watch out National UK organisations, they’ll be on your tail soon.


All of the medical words are now second nature to me now. If you’re not sure what something means, then click here to be taken to the “Terminology” section which will explain everything. (I hope!!).

If you’d like to add anything to this, please let me know!

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