What does it mean to you – having cancer? Have you had the treatment and now that’s it – you’re OK so back to normal and get on with your life? Or do you want to do more and help other people?

If everybody had the same thought of “I’m OK now and don’t want to have anything more to do with it” – then other people would not be so lucky as you and may not live to tell the tale. I’m not being morbid – just think if it wasn’t for earlier patients of chemotherapy and radiotherapy how many of us would not be here today?

Just think about it!

Well I’m off my soapbox now and will just give you some ideas to think about and who knows perhaps you might even like to get involved with. Remember the 1 in 3 – it could be someone you know!

Check out the noticeboards at your next hospital appointment – there are many groups you can join – as it’s your local hospital they will all be local to you (unlike mine which is in Central London and nowhere near me!)

Check out your Doctor’s surgery when you have an appointment

Check out the local library – they hold lists of many support and user groups you can contact to see if it’s “your thing”

Check out the websites of National Cancer Charities like Lymphoma Association, Macmillan, CancerBACUP etc

Check out the support pages here on the Furry Monkey website

Check out CancerVOICES on the internet. Macmillan Cancer Voices is a UK-wide network that helps people affected by cancer improve cancer care. Cancer Voices gives people the opportunity to speak out about their experience – and help improve cancer care now and in the future.

This is the User Representative group I belong to and we are aiming to complete many projects which will help not only us, but future patients too.

When cancer affects you or someone you know, as a patient/carer/supporter you automatically become an expert by experience even if you don’t realise it at the time. Everyone can use that experience to make a difference and help shape the future of cancer care by getting involved in a user group.

User groups are formed by people affected by cancer who meet together regularly to explore ways to improve cancer services. Anyone who uses or has used cancer services, as a patient/carer/relative/friend can get involved in a group in their own area.

There are over 500 CancerVOICES members in the network across the UK who are keen to get involved in a variety of ways, bringing together their unique experience of cancer while providing the opportunity to represent the views of other cancer patients.

If you think this is something you would like to get involved with contact your local groups – their details can be found at the CancerVOICES website or on other national cancer websites.


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