NHL is more common amongst the stars than you think. How many of this listing did you know about?

If there are any others you know of, let me know.

“The public seems to believe that NHL is something that happens to someone else. I know that I did not give it a moment’s thought until 1996” – Karl Schwartz

Famous people who have lived/died with Lymphomas…

Gary Ablett
Gary lost his 16 month fight with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma on New Years Day 2012. He was the only player to win the FA CUp with both Liverpool and Everton. He was 46 years old.

Michael Aspel
Long time TV presenter in the UK, diagnosed with NHL.

Paul Azinger
Professional golfer has been treated for Lymphoma.

John Baker
In July 1998, WI member Angela Baker lost her husband, John, an official at Yorkshire Dales National Park England, to NHL. Calendar Girls, the film, was made after Angela and her WI friends made a calendar to raise money for Cancer. It hit the headlines and the rest is history!

Jeremy Beadle
UK television presenter has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia only 10 months after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous kidney.

William Casey
Mr. Casey, who died May 6, 1987, from pneumonia caused by lymphoma, was head of the CIA during the mid-1980s Iran-Contra scandal.

Menzies Cambell
Liberal Democrat politician in the UK. He stopped being interviewed for some time due to his treatment, but is now back on TV. Its great to see some one else who has survived the illness and is back to normal life.

Rich Dambakly
Rich Dambakly of New York City, who spent four months working at ground zero after the World Trade Center attacks, overcame several months of chemotheraphy for lymphoma to finish Ironman USA Lake Placid in July.

Arte Johnson
Arte Johnson was a regular on Laugh-In and was successfully treated for lymphoma about 5 years ago.

King Hussein of Jordon
Died following a stem cell transplant therapy for Lymphoma.

Mark James
1999 European Ryder Cup captain was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Anne Kirkbride
UK star of Coronation Street.

Charles A Lindbergh
Lindbergh died of lymphoma in 1974, at age 72.

Joe Longthorne
Diagnosed in 1989 with Lymphoma. Is currently undergoing treatment again including a bone marrow transplant.

Charles Lowe
Actors Rob and Chad Lowe’s father, Charles, was diagnosed with NHL in 1999.

Jackie Kennedy Onasis
Former first lady of the USA died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Joey Ramone
Musician (Punk rocker), died at age 49.

Mr T (Laurence Tureaud)
TV actor was diagnosed with lwith T-cell lymphoma. He presently is in remission.

Johnny Walker
UK DJ Radio 2, looking good after his extended break!

Andy Whitfield
Spartacus star loses his battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the very young age of only 39. British born actor Andy, died after his 18 month battle with the disease.

Gene Wilder
A comedian and respected supporter of cancer patients was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

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