So, apart from NHL and hospital and consultant appointments …. what else is there in my life at the moment?

Well to be honest, not a lot as I am unable to go far without my trusty walking stick. I didn’t realise how tired you get a lot of the time. I think the Lymphoedema has a lot to do with it now as well. Still at least I’ve got rid of the Zimmer frame now!

I miss not being able to just grab a bag and go out somewhere in the car, down the coast or just a bit of retail therapy.

Still this website has given me something to occupy the long days at home, confined to barracks as they say!


photo dangermouse

Well seeing as I’ve been such a Bed Banana caught up with some of the cartoons I used to watch as a mere youth.

Dangermouse was always brilliant and I appreciate it a lot more now! It appears that I am Penfold reincarnated!

If anyone finds any DM DVD’s let me know!!


photo captain kremmen

Kenny Everett was a very talented man and I miss him and all his characters, Sid Snot, Gizzard Puke, Cupid Stunt, the DIY man, Brother Lee Love and of course, Captain Kremmen and Karla his trusty sidekick.I heard a Captain Kremmen episode on the radio the other morning, it was great listening to it once again. Memories huh….what a wonderful thing they are!

Does anyone know where I can find some CD’s of Captain Kremmen Shows? You know what to do now: Email me!!!

Thanks Jon for the MP3’s!!! It’s great to relive the brilliance of Kenny Everett once again.


photo muppets

Remember watching this on an evening….. great laughs then and even more so today. Who needs the Tweenies….!!

We have all the videos, Muppets In Space, A Christmas Carol, Muppets Take Manhatten – and many others. All classics and worth watching again and again…..great for a wet Sunday afternoon.


photo willy wonka

An all time favourite film of mine, and now it’s on Sky nearly every week I get my regular fix of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!


photo bob the builder

I’ve got the chocolate model, the album, the singing toy ….. a big fan! You can keep the Tweenies, no one can beat Bob!

Unless of course, you count Bagpuss!


photo bertie

Bertie came to us when he was 2.1/2 years old. It took two weeks before he’d even come out from behind the sofa.

He’s always been a timid cat and loves to hide away when things frighten him. A few gentle words and some strokes and he’s fine, specially if they’re accompanied by some biccies, his favourites!


Domi came to us when she was somewhere between 7 and 10 years old (Battersea Dogs Home – yes I know she’s a cat – couldn’t define it any more than that).

A lovely lady with only one tooth, who scampers around like a kitten and loves cuddles! Her favourites are anything in jelly (or Marmite!).


I like them all. With a few exceptions. We have two cats, as you can see above and I also used to have coldwater fish in an indoor aquarium (250 litres!). However, a fault with the pump and no oxygen managed to kill them all off. Some of them were over 10 years old and had their own little characters.

Poor Bertie still sits in front of the tank and can’t understand why there are no fish moving in there. He could sit there for ages just fish watching! Bit like me and people watching, it’s fascinating – you should try it sometime!

I support Animal Charities and sponsor a cat (Mattie) from Cats Protection, and a donkey (Daniel P) from The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

I believe that animal experiments are wrong and unnecessary. Go and check out the weblinks page and you will see Dr Hadwen’s Trust. They research into illnesses and diseases but WITHOUT using animals to do it. Much more humane, specially when you see what is done to the poor things “in the interests of research”.

Also the Lymphoma Association are one of the FEW cancer charities to NOT do experiments on animals. So give them all your support!

Animals can’t speak up for themselves, so we have to help them!!


Now these I do like, and have had a fair few in my time so far. From a humble old Golf (my first car) to 3.0i Turbo Supras and my latest little baby – a Peugeot 406 Coupe in Bright Red of course……I’ve loved them all. I still miss my RS Turbo which was stolen many years ago now, and each time I see one I wonder if it is mine.

photo 406 coupe

I’d love a Corvette (bright red what else!) but I don’t like the idea of left hand drive. Right hand drive ones are out there, but so hard to find (and so expensive too!). It must be red, although if anyone else would like to offer me one of another colour that would do. I’m not proud, I’ll drive anything!

A few years back, I wrote an article for World Vues in the foremost Corvette magazine in the US. I’m in print!! A published writer!! Also see a review of The Furry Monkey in Web User Magazine (Issue 49 23rd January 2003). I’ve also had an ariticle published in the Lymphoma News.

At the moment I can’t drive, or even walk without the aid of a walking stick (yes, I know, and so young too…..!) so surfing around the net is the only car driving I get to do……

Of course one of the other best cars on the road, (apart from the Dodge Viper….. must stop dribbling!!), is the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage. A gorgeous looking car if ever I saw one! Hmmmm….

photo supra turbo

This is my previous car, the Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo in Black. Of course, it is sadly no longer mine, and I miss it all the time. Every time I see another one on the road, I have wonderful memories of mine and the trips made in it, the races I had in it (all won of course!), just the sheer joy of driving a Supra……aahh!!!

I tried the new style Supra before getting the 406 Coupe, but the inside was just so-o-o-o tacky (and I love Supras so you can imagine how disappointed I was!).

When I win the lottery and money is no object, I will have another Supra. Oh what the hell, I’ll have a car for every day of the week to be honest!!

Now where’s that ticket???


Another favourite hobby of mine. Not the normal one for a woman I know, but then again, I’m not your normal type of woman! Cars, computers, kites…no definitely not classed as normal. (Now now, keep those comments to yourself!).

John has suggested I get in the wheelchair and he’ll tie the kite to the arms of it, but I’m not so sure. You could all see me sailing through The Great Park on your way to work!!

Again a while back I wrote an article for the ThamesWeb website about kite flying in Windsor Great Park. (www.thamesweb.co.uk/kites/kites.html). It is good for flying, but watch out for the model plane people…….oops better be careful, as John is now a model Helicopter Pilot – with “L Plates” at the moment!

I can’t wait to get back out flying again and I miss going to those Kite Festivals on the South Coast and in Bristol. People from all over the world come flying at them and the Championships are out of this world. It’s amazing what you can do with some thin material and string!

photo my kites
Two of my kites, the one on the right is
about 4ft wide, the one on the
left about 8ft wide.


Jokes, we all love ’em. Bad or good they make us smile, specially when we’re supposed to be at work and working hard! Where would we all be without the “forwarding list” of jokes each day.

Seriously (yes I can be sometimes!) jokes have been flowing in and out of my mailbox like crazy since I’ve been confined to barracks. Thanks every one for sending them all and keep going…..I love ’em all!

I’ve created a separate page which you can access here The Jokes Pageswhich contains all the best ones I’ve been sent so far. Some of them are not the cleanest of jokes, so avert your eyes if rudeness offends you!


So, do you have any? How can I improve this site? Is there something you think should be here and it isn’t? Maybe there is something (be careful now!) you don’t like or needs to change to make it better.

Email me with your comments. (I’ll only accept them if they are constructive remember!!).

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