It’s taken a while to do, but then so many other things have popped into my head and taken priority (not forgetting all those hospital appointments!).

It’s amazing how many things there are to do to keep a website current and updated. It’s even worse when the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy have taken their toll on this poor old body of mine. Still it’s here at last, so enjoy!!

More pages will be added as and when so watch out for the new ones!

Scroll down to see all the different sections in the Furry Monkey website!

The Furry Monkey Home Page
Here you’ll find details of exactly what The Furry Monkey website is all about and what sort of things you’ll find here.

The Big C
Fairly self explanatory really – cancer – what you need to know, how it’s treated, the more you know the better you can deal with it. Knowledge = power!!!!

All the Acronyms and TLA’s you’ll need that are related to cancer. If you know of any I’ve not got here then please let me know.

Been there
Here you will find details of all the hospitals, medical centres, scanning centres and other medically related places I’ve been to in my chequered history as a NHL patient.

Biopsy is…..
You will hear lots of different named thrown around in the cancer world, so here are the different explanations of Biopsies. Be warned this is a bit gory in places.

Charity Events Diary
I’ve just listed the general national events here, it’d take me forever to list every single event I know of nationally and locally. If you want info on a specific event and I know about it I can tell you, or you can always look on the charities website. If you would like to promote any events email me with further details and I’ll be happy to add them for you.

CHOP and it’s effects
This is the chemotherapy I had for my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. If you’re having it too, then here’s all the details about it. If not don’t worry, other chemotherapy options will be added here soon.

Get Involved…..!
Now’s the time to get more involved and make sure your voice is heard. The more of us that put the power behind this disease, the more power it will give us. I remember when my stepdad had cancer, it was a ‘hushed subject’ – now it is much more open but there is still a long way to go in places. Make it easier for those who follow you….

Glossary of Drugs used in Cancer treatment
This is not an exhaustive list by any means as new ones are added almost daily, but they are the ones you will come across most often.

Health – Gallbladders
OK so it’s not about cancer, but the Consultants do tell me that it happened as a side effect of the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy affects a LOT more than just the normal side effects of hairloss and nausea. Some are long term and I will be starting another section on this soon. Watch out for it coming to a PC screen near you soon!

Yet another side effect for me of the radiotherapy treatment. I was NOT told about this side effect and as it is a CHRONIC LIFELONG side effect, then I think we should all be told, and we should all be aware of the symptoms and what to look out for. The earlier this is caught the better for the patient. Sadly it took me almost a year for my Consultant to listen to me, now I have major problems. I say no more……!

Lymphoma Types
Did you know there are 35 different types of Lymphoma? Neither did I. I do know a lot of them now though, specially one called PrimaryBone Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma! Aren’t I the lucky one.

My Cancer Rights
As a cancer patient, you have rights. Hell, as any patient you have rights. Make sure that the Doctors first of all treat you like a HUMAN BEING – I’ve not had that from all of my Medical Professionals but it should be a basic human consideration shouldn’t it really.

NHL Famous Patients
Well you are in a very special club here you know. It’s not just us ‘Joe Public’ that gets cancer, even famous people get it too. Check out who has had NHL and survived it as well some of the time!

NHL for Beginners
A sort of “Dummies Guide to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” which you may find interesting to read. An easy explanation to a complicated disease.

NHL Stages
A sort of “Dummies Guide to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stages” – there’s more to NHL than just the disease, it is at different stages too.

PICC Information
This is an IV Line and is discussed in detail with thanks to the University College Hospital for the information. If you are having a Hickman Line fitted (I had three attempts and all failed due to my now infamous veins!) then worry not, this is to be added here later.

Primary Bone NHL
There is not that much information about Primary Bone Non Hodgkins Lymphoma out there, but I’m always searching for more. Several medical professionals have also emailed me with more links, so watch out for updates as and when…!

Questions to ask
Been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or cancer in general? Your mind goes completely blank, so here are a list of questions that you may wish to use when you see your Consultant for your follow up meeting prior to the start of treatment.

And Radiotherapy is?
Everything you could want to know about radiotherapy but were afraid to ask – well something like that anyway!

Reading Materials
There is always loads to read on cancer if you are interested. Or perhaps there is a book that is related to it you might like. If so, let me know and I’ll upload the details here for you.

And Remission is?
Exactly what the word remission means to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patients. If you’re in remission – lucky you. If not, don’t worry we’ll all get there!

Scan Types
There are many many different types of scan you may have as a cancer patient, indeed any type of patient. So here are some more details about the scans. I’m well into double figures for my scans now so although not an expert I am kinda knowledgeable about them! LOL!

Support Organisations
This section is split into three: benefits, national cancer organisations and helplines and NHL Organisations. I’ve personally found a few of these extremely useful in my quest for information on Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and cancer in general).

Here you will find a very much improved dictionary of all cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and general medical terms. Check out your “consultant speak” if you’re not sure about it!

Whats Up Doc?
The Furry Monkey now has it’s own Advisor, Dr X, who is a health professional with many years experience. He specialises in laboratory medicine and has a background in academic research in addition to his duties in the NHS and private practice. If you have a question, email me.

Cancervive – my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma online diary
My own personal “Virtual Diary” of my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Gallbladder traumas and continuing health problems. It’s sometimes gory but I’ve put them into “nice” and “gory” sections if you’re squeamish!

Here you can leave a message for me if you want to just say hi. I knwo quite a few people have made good friendships through my guestbook – who’d have thought it from my little ol’ site huh! It’s lovely to see so many people who care. The world is not such a bad place all the time!

Hall Of Fame
My gallery of rogues (oops – wrong description!) clears throat – VIP’s that have helped me travel this long and sometimes difficult road. I can see a light at the end of it sometimes – I just hope it’s not a juggernaut coming the other way!

Site Information
Here you’ll find all the info to do with the Furry Monkey website, Awards Won, Copyright, Disclaimer and of course, this Site Map!

Other Stuff
Things in my life apart from NHL and health problems.

A Creative Side
Thanks to everyone for sending in me some poems, there are some lovely thought provoking ones here. Take a look and see.

Help the Animals!
Are you an animal lover? Would you like to help an animal charity? Do you want to become more involved with organisations that help animals?? Then check out the following sites and information. Please do what you can to help the animals – they can’t speak for themselves, there are some cruel people in this world and the animals need someone to speak up for them! Shout out loud!

I’ve had so many sent to me over the months, I had to share them all with you! The following sections are self explanatory.

Clean Jokes

Not So Clean Jokes

Cancer Jokes (if not to your taste, just don’t click on it OK!)

Our Health (coming soon!)
You’ve guessed it, some new sections – gallbladders to start with and others to follow!!!

My favourite places on the internet. Check a few of them out and let me know what you think. More added soon…!

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