“A side effect of the chemo. Though they say everything is a side effect of the chemo. If I fell off a ladder and broke my leg it’d be a side effect of the chemo.”

So what is “The Furry Monkey? Nothing rude, lewd or crude, only my weird sense of humour and a few drugs (all legal and above board!). The Furry Monkey I’m referring to is the one I told you all about that I saw on the A30 going into London on one of my many appointments. The Bed Banana is me, of course. I mentioned to my brother John, that I was becoming a couch potato and he said “no, not a couch potato more of a Bed Banana”. So there it is!

NOW – I suppose you’re wondering what the hell it’s all about? Mainly it’s about me and my Primary Bone Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – diagnosis, treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy….everything I want to share with you.

“being strong is very important but finding someone to be weak with is the very hard part”

Several people said I should keep a diary so why not an online one? That’s how “Cancervive” (a play on words) started. Unless you’ve been through it or are going through it you just WON’T understand – much as you’d like to. Here you get warts and all.

I’ll be adding new pages (so check it out often!) to the site as and when fatigue and other side effects allow. The brain is willing but the body is weak! Some you’ll find interesting, others totally boring. Unless you like what I like! Suggestions and/or criticisms can be emailed to me.

To give you a taster of what is to come on the Furry Monkey, below are a few highlights of each section. Please be aware that this website may contain the occasional swear words.

So The Furry Monkey is online and kicking! Have a look around and see what you think. Email me about anything and I’ll reply. You know I always do – unless there’s a technical hitch!!

Before I go, a big thankyou to two people, my brother John and Mum.

Suggestions and/or criticisms can be emailed to me.

Bye for now,